While on vacation, it’s always important to respect the land you’re on and that includes respecting the people and the animals. Unfortunately for 36-year-old Nahum Promratee, the inability to respect wildlife resulted in an awful incident. While visiting a temple in the rural Phetchabun province in Thailand, Promratee hung bowls of rice into a bear’s enclosure to tease it.

As one would imagine, the bear was quick to anger. It stood up on its hind legs and dragged Promratee into the enclosure and knocked him unconscious while ripping at his skin with its teeth. The terrifying incident was caught on video while spectators tried to shoo the bear away and save Promratee’s life.

Promratee’s friends attacked the bear with poles and threw cold water at it in hopes of getting Promratee to safety. Unfortunately, the bear continued its vicious attack before dragging Promratee across the enclosure away from the help of others.

One brave group pushed forward and ran into the enclosure, attacking the bear with poles again until Promratee’s friends were able to get him out to safety. Emergency services arrived at the scene just after 11 AM local time and Promratee was rushed to the hospital in serious condition.



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